Form Stack: Error sending your message

I am trying to get a “contact us” page working on my website. I’m using the elixir form stack to accomplish this. Currently, when you try to use this form on the live page you get this message- Sorry there was an error sending your message. Please try again later.
I have the correct email entered in “your information” and (as I saw it recommended on another post) under “advanced” I have checked send using your email address.
Is there anything I’m missing?

You’re sure you have PHP access working properly? I ask, because between this post and your other post regarding Alloy it sounds like perhaps that might be your problem.

Do you have a different server you can test both this, and your Alloy installation on? If not you can email me your project file, along with your posts folder for Alloy, and I can publish a test here on my DreamHost server and see if we get the same problems occurring here.

Both of these issues seem to be related and seem to have to do with your hosting.

If you’d like to send me your project file, send me a ZIP file containing your project file, your posts folder (if you have one with blog posts already), and any non-Foundry stacks you might be using on your pages. You can send the ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com. If the ZIP file totals more than say 4mb though it is a good idea to send it via something like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Again, I think this is related to your hosting though, and not the product itself.

Is there a guide you recommend for PHP access configuration? When the site was hosted on a fatcow server we were not having this issue, so I’m assuming that a test publish on dreamhost would work just fine. I agree, this seems like a hosting problem, not an elixir problem- just hoping to get some advice!

I don’t have hosting configuration advice unfortunately. That is not my area of expertise.

Both the Form stack and Alloy require pretty basic PHP functionality. Alloy can even currently get away with a PHP installation as old as v5.6. Generally most hosts should have PHP configured with the basics setup for you from the get go.

I’m unfamiliar with hosting with AWS. I’ve never used Amazon Web Services for anything. I’m not sure if you’re responsible for configuring everything yourself when using AWS or if they handle things for you. I personally am not someone who is deep into server configuration and such. If AWS offers support you might look at contacting them to get assistance.

I will say that while hosts like DreamHost, FatCow, etc cost a little more, you don’t have to handle that stuff yourself. This is what you’re paying extra for essentially. You’re also paying to get support for when you run into problems with your hosting. Personally I can’t recommend DreamHost enough, so if you’re still not tied to AWS you might give them a look.

Thanks Adam, I think we’ll reach out to AWS to see what they think.

Sounds good. Feel free to email me that ZIP file too if you’d like me to look over the project file for any errors. But if it was working OK on your other host, I don’t know if I’ll find any.