Form Stack Question

I’ve attempted to use the Form stack on a content page on two websites, one hosted by GoDaddy and the other by Ionos. In both instances (after testing) the web page reports ‘Success your message has been sent’ but no emails are received. I’ve filled in the relevant email address and checked ‘Send using your email address’.

Can you advise?

Have you checked to ensure that the email(s) are not ending up in your spam folder?

Also, have a look at this post as well.

If these things do not clear things up for you we’ll need to get a ZIP file from you that contains your project file.

Thank you for the swift response. I’ve read the other string but can’t see that the Forms issues there were resolved. However, I take the point that the problem could be on the ISP side. On both my sites I’ve tried with the ‘…using my email address’ checked but without success. Does anyone know of issues with Form when hosted by GoDaddy or Ionos?