Form to allow clients to sign up to receive future information

Hi everyone, I am wondering if there is a stack that would allow clients to enter their information to receive future information in the future - for example a newsletter or product announcements and for such information to be then accessible to me in some way.

Thank you for your help.


Most newsletter services, like MadMimi, Mail Chimp, etc, etc provide a form to add to your site to collect such data. Their form will add the data directly to your mailing list database within the service. You’ll most likely want to use a service of some kind, as you’ll run into problems down the road if you’re just sending out your newsletter via your desktop mail app or web-based email service (Gmail, etc), as those are not meant for mass mailings usually.

I’m interested in this too.
I would like to set it up exactly like the newsletter signup in the foundry page footer.
How is this done?
The site is build with foundry, so I tried to use the form and form pro stack, but I wasn’t able to remove all the input fields…
Is this set up with a newsletter service?

Thanks and cheers,

The Foundry form is not for that purpose. Newsletter services provide you code for this purpose. Have a look at MadMimi or Mail Chimp. (See my post above).

Joe Workman makes a stack called Post Office which does exactly this.


If you are using Mail Chimp, then they provide some really good embedded signup forms in various layouts and even a popup. I would be very surprised if all of the other newsletter providers did not do the same. You essentially copy their code and put into a html stack and hey presto it works. Wherever, you put the html stack, the form will appear there. If you know a small amount of CSS then these are relatively easy to edit to match colours, etc., but will work straight from the Main Chimp Embedded forms page. The beauty of this approach is that it is very lightweight in terms of what it adds to your project.

I added one of these to an update that I have just done to my Template 4 to show how it is done. You can see the form here at