Form Tool Submission Using Email Field Contents

Hello Community,

Just a quick question on the Form stack. I have read the great documentation but I am still trying to understand how can I use the email address that is a field on the form to be the target of the email being sent. I am sure this is simple I am just missing something very simple I bet :slight_smile: !!

Are you asking how you can CC (carbon copy) the email to the visitor as well as yourself?

Yes Adam that is what i am asking. Also want to confirm if I use any other stacks on the form will the content be part of the email body?

There is a CC option in the Form settings along that will send to specified addresses as well as an option to copy the sender. Not at the computer right now so I can show you. I can say that it is in the documentation though.

The only content sent in the email is from the fields contained in the form. Nothing else.

Adam just a follow up to the form question regarding Ccโ€™ing the sender. What happens if you have more than one email field on the form. In my use case I want to add a sent from and a sent to email fields.

It will not do that. It will only send to the main email field that is hard coded into the form.