FormPro and a One-Colum option or a text stack


judges in Germany have ruled that a customer needs to consent to sending their data using a contact form. For this, I am using your checkbox. But I need to place some text underneath:

Can you please add a simple one-column option, like your 2-column one, so that I can add a paragraph beneath the checkbox?

Thank you


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I’ll have a look at this. It won’t be something immediate though, unfortunately.


There is FormsPlus from Chillidog. A “blank stack” is one of the “step” elements that you can add to their form. I don’t know if it plays well with Foundry, but Adam would let you know. Here is the link

Good luck

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I’ve got something in the works for Form Pro already regarding this feature.


Thanks, I am using FormsPlus for some more complex designs. For this, I am happy to wait for the update from Adam :slight_smile:

Working on refining it now, and testing will be needed still of course, but it is getting worked into the stack. If it doesn’t upset anything else within Form Pro or the other stacks, and testing goes well, it should be in one of the next few updates:


Perfect, thank you very much!