Forms Pro: Radio labels different size font to other labels

We’re just building out a new site for a client and the person building it has just raised this with me. I’m lost on it, so hoping someone here can help.

Site/page: Bike Book-in: Newlec Cycles

The label for the radio button input is different from all the others. I can no reason for this in settings. Might this be a theme issue, or something I’ve missed?


EDIT: Apologies, ignore the bit about it maybe being a theme issue, obviously the theme is Foundry! Brain-fade moment.

The Radio control uses a “legend” tag for its label, which has very specific styling in Bootstrap. Perhaps in the future I can add some control for changing this styling within the stack.

I’ve filed a ticket for myself for this enhancement in a future update.

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Do grand. It’s not really an issue at our end, it actually helps to break the form up a bit, I just don’t use Foundry myself much so wasn’t if it was something done at our end.

All good, thanks.

Cool. Glad it is not an impediment. I will get something worked into the next update for Potion Pack, whether it be controls for styling the <legend> tag or just matching the tag to the rest of the text in the form. Thanks for catching that.

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