Forms Pro: returns "autoload() is deprecated" on submit

I am using Forms Pro to capture feedback from site users and all is working fine, except for the fact that the following message is shown when the form submit button is clicked:

Deprecated : __autoload() is deprecated, use spl_autoload_register() instead in /homepages/24/d533723658/htdocs/website/foreverthirsty/tasting/files/phpmailer/PHPMailerAutoload.php on line 45

Please let me know if anyone has come across this issue beforehand and, assuming so, if there any fixes.

Hi @rcporter and welcome to the community.

Lend me a hand with the following information and I’ll see if I can track down what the problem might be…

  • What version of PHP is your sever running?
  • What is the live URL to your page with the Form Pro stack?
  • Send me a copy of your project file so I can do a publish here as a test as well. If they file is over 5mb please send it using something like Dropbox or a similar service. You can send it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

Hi again @rcporter – I got your project file. Can I ask which page the form is on that you’ve built with the Form Pro stack from Potion Pack?

I ask because the project opens to the Enquiry page, which I assume you want me to look at, but that page does not use the Form Pro stack but instead a stack from DooBox.

Hi Adam

Thanks for taking a look.

The page is the “tasting” one: Wine Tasting

I hope this helps.



This appears to me to be server related, but I think I have a fix for it. If you’ll send me a direct message here on the forum with your email address I will send you over a test version of Potion Pack with some changes to try out.

Hi Adam. Message sent to you via email with my details. Many thanks. Richard

Many thanks Adam. All now sorted after I applied the fix you provided. Really impressed.

R :grinning:

Glad to help out. Like I mentioned in my last email, I’ll get this out to everyone sometime this week. I think this is a limited issue with a specific configuration, but it can’t hurt to get it released more widely.