Formsnap Success window hidden

Formsnap is working fine except that after hitting the send button a new blank Formsnap form hides the success window. Only when that form is closed can the success window be seen.
This makes the user unsure whether the form has actually been sent.
Not sure whether this was happening before I started using Foundry or whether this is the way it is with Formsnap.
Or probably a setting I’ve got wrong.
I’ve posted this on the RW forum but without reply, so I guess its not a common problem.
So I wonder if there are any Foundry/Formsnap users who can throw some light on this.

This might be one for the Form Snap developer.

Hello Adam,
I checked this out with Yabdab and Mike sent me this reply -
I would recommend not using Formsnap inside of a popup modal window. It appears that the Modal z-index is higher than the z-index used by the Formsnap modals.
Before trying your Form Pro in a Modal, will I have the same problem?

Did Yabdab say if you could adjust the z-index of Formsnap? That might get you what you need.

Btw, I also don’t like the idea of a form in a modal dialog. Most forms submit the page which then reloads. You can run into issues and most modal’s won’t load on a page refresh. If they don’t open, you form results won’t show.

What I have done on a site is put a form inside a single item Accordion. Set the title of the Accordion item to what you’re using as the button and let the Accordion open to reveal the form. I also used Foundry’s Accordion feature to put a nice icon alongside the text. I haven’t had issues with FormPro inside an Accordion.

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Thanks DLH
I had a look at Formsnap settings and yes you can change the z-index.
But I do like your Accordion suggestion, and given what you say about modals and forms, I’ll give it a go.
Very helpful feedback.

Back again. I tried DLH’s suggestion. The trouble is that I use the contact form (via a modal) in a 2 column (desktop) sidebar. This means the Formsnap form in Accordion appears in a very cramped 2 column format.
I’d rather not have users go to another Contact page to send a form, and to have the form appear in full on every page doesn’t look good.
Unless Adam has an Elixir Graphics Modal/Forms Pro solution, I’ll have to do some more homework on this.
But thanks again for the input.

@Phloque You can use Form or Form Pro in a Modal stack. Once submitted though the page reloads, as with most non-AJAX based forms, so the result message will not be visible. The good thing about the Form Pro stack though that comes with Potion Pack is that it won’t send unless everything is right anyway, so that isn’t a problem.

Give it a shot – drop a Form Pro stack into a Modal stack and check it out.

My form is relatively simple, so it’s inside a 675px wide container. The Accordion item makes a nice header for the form and there is enough space inside it for the form. If you were trying to do a wide form, then I could see that it may be cramped if you didn’t want the Accordion item super wide.

Thanks DLH and Adam.

Forms Pro in Modal stack worked very nicely.
The big difference between using Form Pro rather than Formsnap within a Modal is that with Form Pro there is no blank form to close after the form was sent.
I always liked Formsnap because you could add text stacks to, for example, provide explanatory notes to the various fields. But Adam has this covered with his “notes.”
I’ve also added a Paragraph to the Modal stack above Form Pro saying that there is no “Success” message (which there isn’t because I am using it in a Modal Stack
And the ease of setting up Form Pro is amazing - although something I’m starting to take for granted with Foundry.

You can also use Form Pro to add paragraphs inside of your form as well.

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