Foundry 1 sites opened after upgrading to Foundry 2 messed up?

This is just a quick initial question, to see if anyone else has seen this before.

I have an older site built in Foundry 1. It was last opened before I purchased Foundry 2. Opening the site now I get the warning that the Foundry control stack is missing. It’s not, it’s there, as per the image below, but it’s now the Foundry 2 control stack, not the Foundry 1 stack. All the styles in this Control stack have reverted to default.

If I remove this stack and replace with a new version (still F2) the red warning goes away but of course, I’ve lost all the style settings.

I’ve tested a few older sites built with Foundry 1 and they all exhibit this issue. Which is concerning!

Anyone else seen this?

EDIT: I’ve just opened the project on another machine still running Foundry 1, not upgraded to 2, and the project opens fine, so I should have a route to a fix, if anyone knows of a way to move projects with this issue from F1 to F2?

After upgrading did you quit and restart RapidWeaver?

Oh yes, I upgraded months ago on the main machine. I’ve other projects made in F1 that are working fine in F2, but about half built with F1 are exhibiting this issue. The commonality of the ones with the issue is most have not been opened for some time, perhaps a year.

There should be no problem opening Foundry v1 projects with Foundry v2 installed. I didn’t eliminate or depreciate any stacks in the update. If you’d like to send me your project file I can take a look. Is there a specific stack or stacks that are showing this problem?

You can send the zip file containing your project file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If the zip file is over 4mb or so send it via Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Include some screenshots so I know what page and stacks are being affected on your end.

The red warnings appear on all Foundry stacks, as they don’t seem to be able to “see” the control stack.

I will strip back one of the simpler sites so it’s only Foundry stacks and send it over at some point.

Send over your project file as I mentioned and I’ll take a look when I get into the office.

Found the issue: Stacks 4.1b.

Completely forgot I’d installed a beta of S4 to test something. Once I rolled back to pre-beta Foundry projects are working as expected.

Sorry to bother you.

Glad you got it sorted. That is strange though I run betas here too and haven’t run into this. Out of pure curiosity could I get a copy of your project to see if I can recreate the issue here too?

I did wonder that, as I figured you’d be using 4.1b at some point too.

I’ll send over a stripped project to you.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at it next time I’m in the office.

Gmail won’t allow zip files as attachments so I’ve sent you a link to download it from Dropbox.

Thanks. I think this is a bug with Stacks’ SCSS compiler, but I can’t be sure since I obviously don’t know Isaiah’s underlying code. I’ve created a detailed bug report and emailed it and your project file to @Isaiah so hopefully he can look at it for the next beta release.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention so I could pass it along to Isaiah.


Not a bother.

It was actually handy for me that it happened. I don’t like using Beta stuff on “mission critical” RW elements like Stacks. I only installed it to test something, then forgot to revert back. I had noticed RW being a lot more crashy lately than usual and was trying to figure out what I was doing/using different. Suspect S4.1b had summit to do with it.

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i’ve logged the bug here:

it’s a strange/tough bug, but i think i should have it fixed in the next beta.

thanks for helping me find this one, guys. :smiley: