Foundry 2 Modal wishes

  1. When trigger is image would be nice to use Remote images as the other v2 stacks have.

  2. Add additional Trigger Type = Stacks. There are times when non foundry button stacks might be needed or who knows what else.

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I’ll take a look at this for a future update.

This feature is something that brings a lot of baggage with it as well as potential problems and adverse interactions with other stacks. This is not something that is likely to be added.

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That seems understandable. What about just a standard text hyperlink? That’s all that has prevented me from using this fine stack in some situations. A button is sometimes just not a good option.

The Button trigger has a “Link” style setting. :wink:

Well, I was thinking more like a link elsewhere on the page, say from a paragraph stack that would call the Modal.

Kinda like what Will did with Topbox using class attributes.

That would require either a different stack altogether than the Modal stack. The Bootstrap modal, which the Foundry Modal stack is built around, does not offer what you want. Honestly, it you have another 3rd-party stack that does what you want, why not use it?

Because I prefer to use Foundry when I can. :slight_smile:

I get that, but, that is one of the benefits of Foundry – you can use outside stacks with it.

To do what you’d like I’d have to build the feature into the Paragraph stack, which would bloat every Paragraph stack as it would only be used a small percentage of the time, or I’d have to write a separate modal stack that is non-Bootstrap based (or a highly modified Bootstrap Modal) that triggers off of a class name like you are suggesting. Honestly, these probably aren’t things I am going to do in Foundry at this juncture.

Lots of stacks and lots of choice. That’s part of the fun with RW. I don’t know what it is with the Foundry modal, but that one works exceptionally nice. I have Foundry modals loading an iframe for a price table and it loads fast and reloads really fast. That actually was a nice surprise the first I saw it. I guess there’s some cache there I haven’t seen in any other modal. It’s great. I think that was my motivation more the feature requests. I’m using TopBox too for other modals that require a matching button style used elsewhere. Additional button styling in is all that’s needed in Foundry Modal really.

And I sometimes forget, one can always just use css to tweak it anyhow.