Foundry 3: Button in Navigation Bar

I’m just beginning the process of rebuilding my Foundry 1 site in Foundry 3. I’ve previously been using the “Mega Menu” stack (from the Potion Pack add-on), which has the ability to add a button to the right-side of my nav bar. Is there any way to do this with the Navigation Bar provided with F3?

You can style one of the navigation items to look like a button using the override styling within an individual nav item.

Thanks, Adam - any way to float it to the right so that it stands apart from centered nav items? I’m hoping to set up my bar so that it’s L: logo | C: nav items | R: button

No, sorry. Not designed for that unfortunately. There’s plans for some new navigation stuff in the future that I’ll be touching on a bit next week in a forum post, but that is off in the distance in the next larger update.