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Hi @elixirgraphics, I must say congratulation on the Foundry 3 release, the new foundry 3 upgrade is really smooth and sleek to use, one thing I noticed that was missing is the gallery stack, will you be looking to implement gallery stack into F3 in future upgrade or is there any way we can implement gallery with the already toolset available in F3? Thanks in advance.

I didn’t include a Gallery tool specifically as I thought it would be easier to get more unique galleries using the modular tools. I’ve included a few examples in the Maker template pack you get with your purchase. Give those a look and let me know what you think. I’m open to making a specific tool for this, but I don’t know if it is needed really.

Thanks for the kind words on the release. :smiley:

Thanks for your swift reply, to be honest I already purchased your shutter stack from F2, just asking for curiosity sake, I will be looking into the Maker template, thanks again :blush:

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Thanks. Yeah, look at the Maker template pack. That free pack comes with a lot of things to help people learn the new approaches of F3. Look forward to hearing what you think.

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In Foundry 3, is it possible to use gallery stacks from other devs? Or any stacks at all from other devs?

Absolutely fine. Shouldn’t cause any issue.

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Is it possible to use the Shutter stack in Foundry 3?

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Yes, it is. For the most part, any Stack should. Especially any other Stack that @elixirgraphics offers.

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Hi - I use a lot of large galleries which I’ve found easiest to create with Stacks4Stacks ProGallery3 using csvs. I can’t be alone in needing to be certain that a third party extension will work with F3 - so would it be possible to offer F2 users a time-limited free demo of F3?

There really isn’t a way to do that based on how Rapidweaver and Stacks are built. There isn’t a mechanism for devs to offer a user license or free trials in this current environment.

That being said, F3 does not use any JQuery for any of its tools. The likelihood of other third party stacks working with it is very good.

(Text corrected to reflect @elixirgraphics comments)

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@Steve_J is correct RapidWeaver and Stacks offer no ability to let an addon like Foundry offer any sort of limited trial version.

The one thing I will correct thought is this:

Foundry does use JavaScript just not jQuery. I suspect that is what @Steve_J meant.

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