Foundry 3 navigation issues

I am working on a website in Foundry 3 and am having an issue with the navigation. Everything looks fine in RW, Safari, and Chrome on my Mac but when my client views the site on her Windows computer in Edge or Chrome, two things are happening:

  1. The logo is not showing up in the nav bar (I have tried Normal (JPEG), Remote, and WebP)

  2. When hovering over the menu items, the blue box is displayed behind the links, but once you select one and go to the linked page, the link does not retain the blue box behind it to show what page you are on. I have tried everything, including rebuilding the nav bar over and I still get the same results. Here is the link to the site:

Hopefully you can help because it’s hard for me to diagnose a problem when everything looks good on my end.

Thank you!

Wanted to give a little update. I was able to get the logo to display by not using it as a Partial. Once I did, the logo started displaying on my client’s Windows browsers. Luckily it is a small site so copying the nav bar to each page is not that big of a deal.

However, the other issue with the menu items still persists. I have not been able to figure that part out.

@CreativeGuy1968 Hi, Did you check active text and active background in the Navigation Items of the menu bar stack?

Yep. Everything is configured how I want it but it seems to be ignored.

Can you post a photo of the nested stack (a photo of the stacks view page of your project)?

Appreciate the reply. Is this what you wanted to see?

It’s ok, until now. Can you check for each nav bar item their override settings? Maybe they don’t catch your custom blue color.

Probably easier for other to help you @CreativeGuy1968 if you share a copy of your project file here.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

Zip of project file

Here is the link. Use code AMGRW2024 to access. Thanks for your help with this!


No pressure, but were you able to look at the project file I uploaded to see why the active pages are not being highlighted in the navigation?



Sorry I wasn’t clear, I hadn’t been troubleshooting it, I thought you were working with @Bruno above. I was trying to offer a quicker way for him to help you.

No worries. I haven’t seen any other messages from @Bruno regarding this issue.

Oops I missed the point. On my way to my mac. It take me 30 minutes. See you then again sorry

@CreativeGuy1968 Hi, Sorry to have missed Adam’s post and yours. You must rename each file on your page to “index.html” and nothing else. I also invite you to modify the name of your directories by using only lowercase letters and using the underscore instead of the dash (this last suggestion is not obligatory but it will save you certain problems in the future).

With these modifications the problem is solved.

Again again sorry for the delay.

No worries. Thank you Bruno. Since I shared this with you, I have made more progress on the site and my client gave me three forms to add. Your suggestion of renaming each page index.htm in each directory word. But Resources has become “Forms” now and there are three forms (in PHP format) located in the forms directory. I obviously can’t have three pages with the same name in there. How should I handle that. You can view the most current version of the site at Forward Thinking Equine Veterinary Services

Thanks for your help!


Two ways of doing it. An obvious one and a “psychologist” version.
1° index.php for the main form page and… unbearable suspense… index.php for each other form the trick consisting of “putting them away” in a subdirectory. For example three forms Form1, Form2 and Form3. For Form1, index.php in the Forms directory. For Form2, index.php in Forms/Form2. For Form3, index.php in the Forms/Form3 directory.
Now the “psychodelusive” proposal: a Forms page with index.php in the Forms directory. This page presents three buttons, three Links: 1 to Forms/form1/index.php, 1 to Forms/form2/index.php and finally 1 to Forms/form3/index.php. Of course you can link each nav item to them without the previous issue.
The choice between these two proposals comes down to: do you want a page that presents a link to each of the three forms or not? My choice would rather go towards the second option firstly because I am a psychologist, then because my mental structure likes to see a summary to decide where to start. But it’s just my opinion not my site. Cheers.

Thanks Bruno for the well-presented options. Since it is a client site, I will present both options to her and let her make the call. Thanks again!


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