Foundry 3 problems

Just downloaded the New Foundry 3. The Mercury Starter kit all works well. but the Vibranium and Steel Starter Kit demo pages are unable to preview. (the banner samples and footers all work) I’m getting this error message: Fatal error : Call to undefined function random_bytes() in /private/var/folders/d4/ffcmv4q50fsf888x5x6vc4nw0000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/1625/document-0x7fd5bbfe3f70/RWDocumentPagePreview/index.php on line 11

Try restarting Rapidweaver. I think it’s a Rapidweaver or Stacks issue. I ran into that with a project file. I also restarted my Mac

Odd, I’ve not seen this here. It does sound like a RW / Stacks issue as @Steve_J points out.
Keep us apprised as to what happens after restarting RW please.

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