Foundry 3 Slider - Image Borders

Hi Guys

Just a quick one - is there a way to add an image border (say 2px) to images in the new Foundry 3 Slider, I can’t find one? If not, can I use some CSS on each image to do this?



Hi @alheron – Borders on images in the Foundry 3 Slider tool isn’t something that is a built-in option. Mainly because it wasn’t an option in the past and it isn’t something I thought to add. That said, you can use Blacksmith to create a Stylesheet and add a border to any slide(s) you want them on.

Hi Adam

Aha, Blacksmith - my new friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for such a quick reply, I know you must be crazy busy at the moment :exploding_head:

Take care

Al :sunglasses:

Not a problem @alheron. Blacksmith is probably the best approach here unless I hear an uproar for slide borders. Have fun!