Foundry 3 stack not working anymore

After a RW9 crash, I opened it again and now it says that my stacks are not currently installed.

But when I reveal the stacks map in my finder, The foundry 3 stack is placed in the map. When I reinstalled the stack, I got the message that it is only going to install the control center.

Anyone an idea how I can get this to work again?

I can’t help with missing addon,s that is something Realmac and YourHead will have to assist with, but I can tell you the Foundry control center is what houses all of the Foundry tools. Watch the installation instructional video for Foundry 3 again.

This missing addons thing can often be caused by putting your addons folder in the cloud on a file sharing service like DropBox or iCloud. Get in touch with Realmac and YourHead to get assistance with fixing this.

Thanks Adam !

I’ll post a note a the RW forums.