Foundry 3 Toast pop-up will not display

I am using Foundry 3 and the Toast stack to create a pop-up that is linked with the Sitelok stack. The idea was to create a pop-up that invites the user to sign-up for special promotions, etc. The pop-up displays beautifully in the preview mode, but when published does NOT display at all.

I’ve cleared the caches in the browsers (I’ve used three and have the problem with all three) and still am having the problem. I disabled pop-up blockers and still have the issue.


I appreciate the help provided!

Steve G.

@gauvry I don’t know what the Toast stack is … can you provide more detail?

I use the Sitelok stack and Sitelok itself all the time. If I remember correctly the login to Sitelok is a pop-up itself. So maybe the problem is having 2 different pop-ups together. Not positive about this, and Adam will know better … but it’s a possibility to consider.

Thank you for your reply.
To start, Toast is a stack as part of Foundry 3.
Regarding your comment, I m not getting a pop-up in either case, from Sitelok, or after I publish my site with the pop-up that Toast provides.

The pop-up shows beautifully in preview mode…Scratching my head…

Steve G.

Share the page URL with us please.

Did you check if you have a html and php index file on the server? Delete the html in this case. Did you do a republish all?

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Thank you. You were spot on. All os working perfectly now!!

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