Foundry 3 Update - 3.2023.06.01

Hope everyone is doing well. I can’t believe we’re already to June!

I’ve got a new Foundry 3 update for you all that I just pushed live. The change log notes are below, and you can also always find them here on the Release Notes page.

Before we get to the update notes I want to say thank you to everyone for you amazing support of Foundry. There’s lots more planned for Foundry 3 so stay tuned.

Release Notes // v3.2023.06.01

New Features & Updates

Control Center

  • Reworks how Bootstrap CSS is loaded. This helps by allowing the Bootstrap CSS to be better cached from page to page.

Navigation Bar

  • Tweaks to sticky navigation to iterate on its overall performance in different situations.


  • Adds ability to Skew contents by setting start and end values for X- and Y-Axis.
  • Adds ability to animate padding by setting start and end values for each individual side. Especially useful when Wizardry’s APPLY TO setting is set top Class.

Bug Fixes


  • Sets the background image to non-repeating for Cover and Contain settings.


  • Fixes a bug where honey pot spam bot trap field would be visible when using the Standard with Icon styling for the Subject line styling.


  • Adds an event listener to re-fire sizing of slider behind fluid content once all page content has loaded.
  • Fixes a bug where an onresize event was being overridden by another tool’s trigger.

Navigation Bar

  • Fixes a corner case bug relating to Sticky Navigation offset values in certain situations.
  • Fixes a bug where an onresize event was being overridden by another tool’s trigger.


  • Switches from styling the SVG, and it’s surrounding link tag, from being displayed as an inline-block element to simply a block level element. This helps address a bug with scaling of the SVG. If you notice any problems with SVG after this change please let me know via the Elixir forum.


  • Fixes Edit Mode display issue.

This update fixed my Edit Mode issues because of me being on Ventura. Thank you Adam, my edit mode is now silky smooth and fast.

What problem specifically were you experiencing before?

Edit mode would start out fine when creating a new project, but as I would add more elements to the page the border outline of the existing elements on the screen would disappear or show only parts of their border which made it difficult to drag and drop new elements onto the page. I attempted to rebuild my personal website with F3 and tried to power through it but then edit mode all together started to freeze when scrolling so I gave up. I made sure that Turbo Scrolling was turned off. I wish I could be more help, it had been doing it since the release of F3 and was under the impression that it had something to do with me being on Ventura. I think I remember you releasing and update that addressed the issue but it never made a difference for me for whatever reason.

On which screen size are you working? You might need to disable some panels from view, e. g. the page listings.

I almost always work in the Desktop screen size, then preview smaller sizes to make adjustments. I didn’t try disabling any panels, maybe that would have helped. The issue seems to be fixed now so I have no way to replicate the issue. I’m not sure if it was Adam’s latest update or something else that happened at this point.

Could be the SVGs that were ‘stretching’ stacks outside of their stack/tool in edt mode. I found that happening, I had to add the SVG content, be assured that it works as wanted in preview in browser and simulator then hide in Edit Mode. I’ve found that isn’t happening now so all is tiptop and dandy. I’m guessing it was the content I’m puting in the SVG thought it was larger or incorrect dimension causing an off-canvas situation in Edit Mode. If it’s not an SVG that was the cause, it might be something else doing similar (can happen with embedded HTML5 animation for me quite often with Stacks).

On a side note, the SVG tool is now working great, was really pleased when then got the update, thanks for that.

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Bear in mind that @elixirgraphics has no control over how Stacks displays in edit mode, beyond putting in checks and warnings about using Toolbox acceleration mode on Ventura. This is a Stacks problem feature.

Edit mode ‘glitches’ are something that’s been flagged to Isaiah for quite a while now.

I think most of these Edit Mode oddities on my end have been ironed out when it comes to Ventura. Of note — make sure you’re not hiding the Toolbox tool. That one will cause the Ventura bug to crop up.

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And don’t put Toolbox in a Partial!