Foundry 3 - Video tool and how to use it

Hi there,
I need help in how to use the “video” tool in Foundry 3.
I see the video in preview mode but when uploaded to my web server, it doesnt display anything but a white out in the space where its supposed to preview.

I cannot find any tutorial video clips on how to use this feature.

Please help.

@mel888 You’ll need to provide more information …

  1. using the tool did you provide only the YT ID? That is, you don’t provide the full link but only the YT identifier for that video
  2. can you provide a link to the page not behaving properly?

Here is the link

I have two screen shots -

  1. In edit mode it shows disabled video - self hosted.
  2. Preview mode - it shows the videos fine.
    When uploaded to web server it shows nothing.

Please help
Thank you.

I tried to use the Video as well as Cinema stack to create a video in the background… it still does not allow me to put a few video slides nothing happens. It only opens up the video in the navi tab which only shows the first video instead of two that I placed in the column grid (with 2 columns

@mel888 I’ve taken a quick look, but I’m not positive what’s happening as I never use the self-hosted option. However, I would suggest …

  1. how large is your video? For example, I went to your home page and the video there took a long time to show up. My guess is you are using videos that are too big to effectively use with most computers/phones/tablets. YouTube or Vimeo will optimize those videos and they will start playing much quicker. Or you could do something like upload to YT, then download the optimized version if you really want to self-host.
  2. I’m not sure the link you are using is correct. It might be, but I’m not used to how links to a self-hosted video within a RW project works. So I may be wrong. Another approach might be to directly upload the video to a folder on your hosting area and link to that.
  3. … however, it’s really hard to know given that the video appears to be very big.
  4. I noticed in your settings that you don’t have a poster image. I think you need one. Otherwise it will just show white while waiting for the video to load. This goes hand in hand with using a video that is very large … while we are waiting all we see is white instead of the poster image.

I might be wrong, but the first thing to check is the size of the video. And think about phones. Even if the video is relatively small, e.g. 15 Mb, that will still demand a lot of work from a phone to play.

I will try and compress the video.
Thank you so much.

Can you check if you have two index files on your server for that page? If so, delete the one with the .html extension.