Foundry and Light Page (Nick Cates)

Has anyone made a site using Foundry and Light Page?

Its not working out too well for me and I wonder if there is a conflict?

Hey there @Domino — Is Light Lage a stack, theme or something else?

it is a stack I really like as well. But it is discontinued from Nick.Learn more about the stack here:

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@Domino – I don’t own the stack unfortunately so I can’t test is for you, but perhaps @Fuellemann could give it a go and let you know how it works with Foundry.

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@Domino What hat does not seem to work? Can you send me your project file to

Hi Adam and Fuellmann. Thank you so much.

I have got the combo workinbg. (By useing the demo that camne wuith light page and adjusting it.) So I guess it was me doing something wrong when I tried from scratch.

Early days but its already looking like a really good combo, and great on iPhone too.

I hadnt realized Nick had discontinued it. Any idea why?

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Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, as I was out of the house all day long yesterday.

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I have no idea why it is discontinued- it is not listed in the active stacks and the manual can be found in the discontinued products… :frowning:

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He never updated the stack to the lastest Stacks api for using child stacks. So, I guess he just deprecated it. It’s a cool stack though.


Do you think its unwise to create a new site with it ?