Foundry Banners not working in Safari

I’m using foundry and inserting a banner on a webpage.
The site works fine in Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi and Opera but Safari cuts the top and bottom off the banner. I’m at the end of what I know.
Any suggestions?

You’ll have to share, at a minimum, the URL of the page with the banner in question for us to be able to help out. In addition it would be helpful to have the following as well:

  • a screenshot of what you expect it to look like.
  • a ZIP file containing your project file. You can upload your ZIP file to WeTransfer and then share that download link with us.

Sorry about that … the URL is
here’s a screenshot from rapidweaverr preview

This is what I see in Safari here:

That said, since you don’t have content within the Banner stack itself, it might be best to just go with an Image stack here for your image.

PS – Tell Doug to go easy on the cat tree! :wink:

Thanks for the help … has to be my safari

Did you try an image instead of a banner stack? I think this may work better for you.