Foundry Content Fonts

I have a “thing” about tiny fonts in e-mails and on web pages. So I want my content font to be at least some larger than usual. However under Paragraph, nothing I do to Fontsize or Font changes the size of my paragraph font! Thanks

The Paragraph stack by default uses the Base Font Size in the Fonts section of the main Foundry stack, unless you override that with the Custom Paragraph Font Size under the paragraph section in that same stack. You do need to check the box for those sizes to override the base font size.

You should use those setting to set the paragraph sizes you typically want too use. You can then use the setting in the Paragraph stack to override on a case by case basis for special uses. It’s easier to make adjustments later and maintains consistent formatting better by using the general, higher-level settings in the Foundry stack to set things for most uses.

If you’ve done this and are still not seeing any changes in the font size of the paragraphs, then the most common reason is that you pasted in text with formatting from another application. If you copy and paste text from other applications into RW, then you want to make sure to Paste as Plain Text from the Edit menu.

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Thanks very much Don. I tried re-pasting in plain text; I’ve made that mistake before! However, that was not the problem. Finally I just started over with a new file, pasted in my Foundry/header/Navigation, and things worked better! I guess I had tinkered with the original file so many times that I set something wrong and lost track of it!

However, I’m still having this problem:–I can set Custom Paragraph style and adjust it for Desktop, but NOT for iPad! This still has me stumped!

I just setup a new project with just one Stacks page. I dropped the Foundry stack and a Paragraph stack on the page. I set the Custom Paragraph Font Size to 16/24/36 and in the simulator the fonts are sized correct on all three.

Is it not working in Simulator or on a published page? Keep in mind that the breakpoints are based on the width of the display and not whether they are actually a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Btw, the 12.9" iPad is treated as a desktop, based on it’s screen size and not a tablet.

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Thanks, Don. I also started over and got “Paragraphs” working. I think I’d forgotten that I have to PUBLISH to be sure how things are going to break? I’ll get that done this week. Thanks for the tip about the 12.9" iPad!