Foundry Custom Font not working on mobile

Hi, I’ve a custom font, works perfectly on desktop and tablet, but defaulting on mobile. Any one have this issue?

More information will be needed to help out @pat.

URL to your page is a start. It would be helpful to know what font and how you’re loading it – self hosted, Google Fonts, something else? Are you using Typeface for loading your font, something else?

Can you also provide a copy of your project file?

Hi Alan,

It’s self hosting, uploaded using resources and the Typeface Foundry Stack. On the stacks header I now see it says Google Font which it’s not. Maybe if I switch to a similar google font that might solve the issue. The site is still only in basic construction mode and I’m constantly change things, but here is URL. Shop | Treasure Chest Dublin

Have a project file, or at a minimum a screenshot of your Typeface stack with that font selected would help. Show the whole RW window in the screenshot, please.

If you’re self-hosting a font you should use the Self Hosted child stack:

Give the Self Hosted Fonts video a watch here for more details on using this feature of Typeface: Typeface Documentation

Brilliant Thanks Alan, your so helpful.

No problem Paul. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: :rofl: