Foundry: how does it play with others?

The new Foundry product looks great. And I’m very happy it’s built upon Bootstrap!

One question I have is how well does it play with other stacks? I know that’s a very broad question, but I’m mainly interested in:

  • Armadillo (which I use a lot)
  • Glider stack (Joe Workman)
  • ProGallery and Playlister stacks (Will Woodgate)

Or, put differently, are there any known stacks, or kinds of stacks, that likely don’t work well with Foundry?

@mitchellm: I haven’t run across any stacks so far that it doesn’t play well with, nor have I heard that from any of the beta testers. I don’t have any of the stacks you mentioned, but I don’t envision any problems with them. I know Armadillo is a CMS of sorts, so it should be OK. I don’t usually like making databases so I’ve never ventured into trying that stack, but I hear good things. As for the Glider, I’m guessing that is a slider stack. If it does not work you can use the built-in Slider stack in Foundry. And for Will’s stacks – again, Foundry has a Gallery stack as well, so you would have a fall back.

But I don’t really envision any problems with those stacks. But not everything in the world can be 100% compatible, of course.

@elixirgraphics Adam: Thanks. I realize not everything can be compatible. I know you do a great job at design, so I’m very intrigued by your new offering. I love how you play on the Bootstrap styles (I’ve only watched one video so far). Although I mainly make course websites, and I have a great regular template-driven theme for that, I may treat myself to a splurge and buy your product. A great way to spiff up my personal website and use on some personal projects. Congrats on the release. It looks very nice and well thought out!

I’ve definitely tried to ensure a wide variety of things are compatible with Foundry. If you come across something that is not, please let me know and I’ll see what I can suss out.

I think this will be a great way to do some of the sites you’ve been doing. Look forward to seeing what you cook up!

Thanks for the well wishes on the release!!