Foundry index.html

Hi I get the message multipal index files found on your server ; index.html, and index.php how do i resolve this my site is loaded as php?

Use an FTP program to log into your webspace and delete the index.html page

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Thanks any particular one ?

No, I use transmit but perhaps your Hoster allows to use webftp so you can will not need a dedicated app.

Or just use the CPanel that is available with your hosting service. Using the File Manager, Find the folder your website is stored in, usually the /public_html/ folder, then delete the index file you do not want. If the stack is using the .php index file, then delete the .html one.

Hi thanks yes I did the but then the fun started! This web site was one I had taken over from another designer, so when I deleted the HTML file the old website went live again ? So I had to put the HTML file back to show the new site, very strange and I would love to know the reason why?