Foundry Mead pre-built project not working


At the Elixir website I bought the pre-built project Mead.
Now I got the website finished I uploaded it to the hosting provider (your hosting) but when I want to access the website with Safari or Google Chrome a blank page comes up.
I exported the website from RapidWeaver to my Macbook and when I open the *.php file it works fine.
I contacted Yourhosting about this issue and according to them it’s a problem with the files causing it shows a blank page.
The previous website was also made with Foundry and had no issues.
Can someone help me figure out what’s going wrong?

Thanks in advance,


a) Can you check with your provider which php version he is using for your domain? It might be an older one (happend to me)

b) Use FTP to see the contains of your domain and check if there is a index.html AND an index.php at the same time, then delete the index.html version.

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a) They are using PHP5
b) There is only a index.php file

Is it in the correct directory on your host?

Yes, it’s the same as the current website what is running without any problems

Is it a different domain name? If it is you need a directory created by your hosting company as an add on or sub domain. That is where you publish the site. Also, point the domain name name servers to your host for that domain.

Is it php 5.6 or earlier? From my experience you need at least 5.6, better 7.0 to work in many cases.

I made a new directory for the new site and referred the domain name to the new folder. They checked it and this way it should normally work. According to them it’s a problem with the files…

They use all 5.x versions. Maybe that is the problem? Otherwise I need to find another hosting provider which support php7

Hi there @SLeeuw – Any chance you can provide a few things to help in assisting you with troubleshooting this –

(1) The URL where your old site is located.
(2) The URL to where you’re currently trying to upload your site to that is having problems.
(3) A ZIP file containing your project file.

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If you want to, you can send me the project and I put it up on my testserver which runs php 7. This way, we can be sure about it.


  3. I cannot upload because I’m a new user

How can I send the zip file to you?

You can send me a Dropbox link via private message or email, or if the file is small you can send it via email. Dropbox is probably the best way.

Hi, I just had a quick look and deleted the contact form inside and now it is running well. Then I added the contact form again and it runs fine.

So: Delete the contact form, then add it again.

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Thank you! Its working fine now.