Foundry Nav Bar - Custom Links

Is there a way to add custom links to the foundry nav bar? I’m developing a single page site, so just want some custom links to jump to anchors.

I’ve tried to replicate the nav bar functionality with a horizontal linked list and site logo nested in columns, but it’s nowhere near as elegant, especially with break points for phone menus, etc.

Thanks in advance, any help would be really appreciated!

Use the Mega Menu from the Potion Pack - it is built for this reason!

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Hey @chrischard

You can use RapidWeaver’s Offsite Page type to do that pretty easily. Add an Offsite Page and then in that page’s settings you can setup your link. I can provide some screenshots for you if needed when I get into the office.

Finally got into the office… you can add an Offsite page, like so, and then set the link to where you want it to go:

That URL can be set to an external site, or another page on your site even.

ADDENDUM – Seems I misread your original post @chrischard. I should not be doing support before coffee it seems. The others are correct, Mega Menu will allow the anchor navigation you’re looking for.


Mega Menu is great! You can set anchor stacks (and give them a unique anchor name) wherever you want the page to scroll to when the corresponding item in the menu is clicked.
In order to tell the menu item which anchor it should target, simply type #youranchorname into the set link dialogue where you would usually choose the page or insert a full URL.

Wow, I didn’t realise how brilliant the mega menu is, I’ve now got it working exactly as I wanted, thanks for heads up @Fuellemann and @papart

… and thanks @elixirgraphics for the tip about offsite pages, I had no idea this existed and it’ll be helpful for other projects!

Thanks all!

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