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I’m very tempted by the content of the Thunder Pack and the design options it adds to Foundry. May I ask Adam if the new version of Foundry will incorporate any of the Thunder or Potion pack stacks or can we purchase them in the knowledge that the three products will retain their distinct content? (It goes without saying that I will be buying the new Foundry version in any event).

Good morning @AUW

There’s not plans to move stacks around from one pack to another like that. All of the Thunder, Potion and Alloy stacks will remain where they are, while Foundry will get several new stacks of its own, along with many other updates and additions.


Thanks for clearing that up. Do you have a target date for the new Foundry (no pressure - but we’re all waiting :smiley: )?

No, sorry. I was sick for a couple of weeks over the holidays and this is my first real day back at work. I have a lot of work to do to revamp one stack as well as make some updates to documentation and record several videos as well as hit any bugs that beta testers might find while I’m doing all of that.

I don’t want to give a date until I’m much further along in this todo list.

No problem. Please don’t run yourself into the ground, your health comes first.

Thanks! I think it was just the flu or something. Just hadn’t had a cold like that in a while and it kicked my butt a bit. Aside from a little cough I’m feeling better overall.

That said, I want to get this update into people’s hands as soon as I can. A tester offered up a thought on a stack that will make it much better though, so I’m rebuilding it this week to see if I can make that a reality for the release.

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As a complete aside (and apologies for diverting you) what code/programme language is at the core of Foundry?

Foundry is based around HTML, CSS (as well as SCSS), Javascript and PHP.

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