Foundry - Question - Tabs stack

Hi all,

I hope you’re well and having a nice weekend!

I’ve created three tabs (A, B and C) on page 1, using the Foundry Tabs stack.

I’m now wondering if there’s a way to create three links, all pointing to page 1, but with a different tab (A, B or C) opened.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



Hi there @Yann

No, sorry that isn’t an option or feature of the stack. Sorry.

Noted, with thanks.


This type of behavior in tabs and accordions is possible with Switcher from Stacks4Stacks.

However, it has a bit of a learning curve and without some fiddling and adjusting things to fit your Foundry theme, it isn’t as elegant.

Hi @Bioguy,

Thank you for these insights!