Foundry - Read More Stack?

Which Foundry stack can we use to shorten our paragraph length using a simple “read more” dropdown?

None. That is a not a stack that is found in the Foundry suite of stacks.

Do you have a suggested work around? or a stack recommendation?

Not sure what you mean by a work around. You can use just about any third party stacks you like within Foundry. Just because Foundry doesn’t offer a very specific stack doesn’t mean there’s a roadblock, or problem to be worked around. Head over to the RapidWeaver Community site and do a search and I’m sure you’ll turn up something that will do what you’re looking to accomplish.

Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck offers this feature as well as drop caps, newspaper style columns, floating content and more.

Be sure to make a donation if you end up using the stack.


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