Foundry Site with page specific Voyager Pro Blog - How to change the header/banner image?

I am building a foundry site, but I’d like a blog too. So I made a blog page and used the Voyager pro theme as the page specific theme. This works, however the built in option to change the banner/header image away from the default water picture is greyed out and non-functional b/c it isn’t a part of the master foundry theme.

Can someone please help me fix this. I imagine it can be done with CSS/HTML specific to the blog page but I am struggling to make it work.

Thank you

I figured out an easy fix - maybe someone can use this in the future.

Go into the theme folder and change the image for the banner.


Uploaded a new image, then changed the name of the new image to dafault_banner.jpg and deleted on the old image. Works like a charm.

There is an image drop zone in the Page Inspector, under the General tab. You should be able to drop an image in there for your Voyager Pro based page.