Foundry Theme shows v1.0.1 in source?

Guys I looked inside the source on my website theme shows v1.0.1 but when I look to the addons/themes show v1.0.2 WHY?

Likey because I forgot to update the version number comment in the html. It literally makes zero difference and has zero effect on anything. I’m out sick right now but I can check it when I get back to the office next.

That said the html comment is only there for me anyway. :grimacing:

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I just mention it maybe my theme doesn’t update correctly. Thanks again.

The version number inside RW is what matters.

I dragged myself from the couch to the office and confirmed that the version number in the theme’s index file is labeled as v1.0.1 while the theme itself is v1.0.2. Again, this is inconsequential in the operation of the theme. You’re good to go. All you should be concerned with is the version number listed in the RW add ons panel.

My English is not very well, so I may have misrepresented it. I understand what you said. Thank you.