Foundry Update - Will it be radically different?

I’m new here. The reason I am here is to explore alternative frameworks other than what I’ve been using for the past five years. The other has recently updated and is changed so radically and departed from what I might call “standard” Rapidweaver and Stacks design methods, that I feel forced into a programming style of design instead of the fun and easy style of design before the update. While it surely would be great to learn proper technical practices, that is not why I came to Rapidweaver and Stacks.

That said to ask these questions. Is the upcoming update to Foundry keeping much the same structure as the current Foundry? Will Foundry continue to allow full access to Rapidweaver and Stacks standard features? Will current Foundry sites need to be rebuilt using the updated Foundry?

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I added this to the current Foundry update thread so it could benefit everyone following that thread as well.