Foundry v2.2.0 is here!

Hey everyone!

I’ve just pushed out an update for Foundry v2. If you go to the Stacks updates section and check for updates you should see v2.2.0.0 [Chiralium] available.This update brings some new features to several stacks as well as a few bug fixes. It also introduces an all-new stack as well!

This update brings with it the new Equalize stack. This stack helps you to match the height of content across your columns in a row. The stack is pretty easy to use after you learn how it works. For that I’ve recorded a tutorial video:

As always there’s also a documentation page for the Equalize stack if you need to refer back to it to reference what the controls do:

Since I know a lot of people will want to use this with the Card stack I’ve added in a specialized Equalize Item for the Card stack as well. Note you still need to have an Equalize parent stack on the page to use this Card stack feature.

I look forward to seeing what everyone uses this new stack for in their projects!

With this Foundry release done, I can move closer to finishing a side project I’ve been working on for a while now, which I think everyone is going to like. Especially if you enjoyed Mason.

And once that is released I can dive into work on Alloy again!


I can see this being extremely useful. Nice work! And thanks.


Thanks for the update. And I’ve already used a Mason footer in a couple of projects so am looking forward to seeing what comes next.



The biggest surprise: v-heights for Banners. I have been waiting for this :slight_smile: thank you very much!


Thanks !! very interesting

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Excellent. I like the new Equalize stack.

Just FYI, it looks like the stack’s description is a mistaken copy/paste that got overlooked.

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Thank you for this missing link… 10 times I looked for this feature… :wink: :wink: :wink:

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Hi Adam,

I have tried several times but the update isn’t there. I am on 2.1.

Best wishes,


Let us know what steps you took to install the update.

The update isn’t showing at all. No updates it says!

Even after clicking the “Check Now” button?

Yes, I tried this several times.

Very strange. I just did a check in Stacks using the “Check Now” button, while using v2.1, and the update came up here:

Have you tried restarting RapidWeaver as well and performing the check again?

Yes I did several times, but I will try reloading the mac

That worked ie reloading the Mac. All the updates are showing. Sorry to have wasted your time Adam.
Best wishes,

Glad you got it sorted out.

This is REALLY slick Adam. Thanks!!


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Equalize is brilliant. Something I’ve been wanting for ages. Had to rely on clumsy workarounds. Adam has nailed it with characteristic style.

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Hi, until this posting I didn’t realise that this stack was part of Foundry v2. When I perform a search, for some reason the Equalize stack doesn’t show up ( see attached screenshot) Any help and/or advice would be appreciated . Kind Regards | Justin

Hey there @DinkyPixel

You’ve likely made a custom folder for your Foundry stacks in the library. Custom folders don’t auto update with new stacks. Go to your main Stacks library and do a search for “Foundry” there and you should see it.

This is the main Stacks Library here:

A search in the library itself and not a custom folder should return this:

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