Foundry v3.2023.08.10 Update

Good morning all! I’ve just pushed out an update for Foundry. It adds a couple of new minor features and cleans up a few bugs as well. This update is recommended for all. You can read the release notes below, as well as on the Foundry Release Notes page.

For those new to updating Foundry within the Stacks updater, there are some simple instructions over on the Foundry Getting Started page in the Installation section.




  • Adds the ability to set a min-height for the Background tool. This is done individually at each breakpoint. Much like the Responsive setting which allows a set height at each breakpoint, except this new setting sets a minimum height instead.
  • Cleans up class assignments for nested Background tools to prevent outer Background tools from influencing inner Background tools.


  • Fixes a bug that could allow a blank email to be sent.
  • Fixes a bug that would prevent the note styling from being applied to some notes for specific field types.


  • Fixes a bug relating to custom hover color overrides within child items.


  • Adds ability to Lazy Load video embeds using native browser lazy loading.


  • Updates Bootstrap to v5.3.1

@elixirgraphics thank you for your continuous updates!

there is still a bug in form tool. feel free to look at the screenshots.


Have you previously reported this bug? I don’t seem to remember this coming across my desk.

did I write you in a private message “structured data”

you mean this has already been reported.


I think at the time I must have thought your bug was something different, as this was my reply:

Yes that was a bug addressed in the latest update that was reported initially by one of the beta testers.

There wasn’t a follow up so I assumed whatever bug you’d run into had been addressed.

I just fixed this and it will be in whatever the next update is:

you made my day!


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