Foundry v3.2023.09.05 Update

Hey everyone! I just pushed out a Foundry update this morning with a few solid updates and bug fixes. See the change log below for more information.

One I want to point out specifically, that I worked with @Fuellemann to get implemented, is the new extra spam bot protection, which uses a bit of javascript. Thwarting bots in this way, using javascript means that for the form to be submitted the visitor must have javascript in their browser enabled. Nowadays it is pretty uncommon for most visitors to turn off javascript though, so I think it is pretty safe to use this new feature. That said, I have made it an optional feature because of this, and made it disabled by default. If you’re getting spam from your forms though, you might try enabling this new feature. It resides towards the bottom of the Form tool’s settings. I’ll be updating the documentation to include this setting in just a little while.

Foundry v3.2023.09.05


  • Fixes a minor bug with the display of the optional note item when applied to a Subject field using the “Standard with Icon” option for the Subject field’s formatting.
  • Fixes an alignment bug related to the checkbox and its associated label in Firefox browser.
  • Adds an optional toggle that allows you to use javascript to attempt to thwart spam bots. This feature will require visitors to have javascript enabled for their form submission to be sent. It is pretty uncommon for visitors to specifically have javscript disabled though.

Image :: WebP

  • Makes adjustment to <picture> tag wrapper, changing it from inline-block to inline.


  • Fixes a bug with row background colors. Colors for rows were not being properly applied. This occurred due to a new added CSS variable within the latest Bootstrap update. This fix works around this new change in Bootstrap.

I know it is no fun to have back-to-back updates, but I found a corner case bug that cropped up this morning relating to the WebP Image fix that went out yesterday. This update further iterates on yesterday’s changes. If you’re using WebP images in your project the 3.2023.09.06 update that I just pushed out to the update server is recommended.


I might be blind…Where can I find the toggle to allow javascript to thwart spam bots in the form?

Scroll to the bottom of the Form settings. Down, down, down to the almost very bottom.

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