Foundry: weird startup once in a while

Once in awhile when I start up RW and a Foundry project I’m told that none of the Foundry “essentials” are present. See screenshot.

If I quit, then restart, all is fine. So I have never lost anything. But … still … this is weird behavior. Anyone know why this happens?

Running a MBP late 2016 with 16 Gb RAM.

I believe this is a RW and/or Stacks issue as it also happens with Foundation.

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Thanks for the info. Do you know if any Foundation users or Joe have already reported this behavior to Isaiah? If not, I should probably let him know.

I don’t know but would be surprised it it hadn’t been reported as it has been happening for years. I don’t recall seeing it before Stacks 3 which introduced partials, and as it is very common to put Site Styles or Control Centre into a partial, I suspect the RW Edit page is being rendered before a partial containing the styles stack is opened and processed fully.

These things are very difficult to pinpoint and if it doesn’t happen often and a restart solves it, then the restart is probably an acceptable solution to live with.

Got it! I did send a report to YourHead anyways, but I’m sure you’re correct. The first time it happened I was very surprised and worried. But at subsequent times it’s easy to just quit and restart. And, yes, I definitely have the Foundry, Nav Bar, Nav Overlay, and some Typefaces all in my major partial that appears on every page. In fact the Navigation itself is a partial so I have a partial inside a partial. I’ll change that as it surely doesn’t help.

Hey @mitchellm
This is a bug Isaiah knows about. I will let him explain it to you, but it has been discussed on the Yourhead slack channel before. If it happens again, actually click on other pages in your project and see if they load in. If no pages load in, restart RapidWeaver. You could also try to open the partial and then close it and see if that fixes it.

Not sure why you had to mention Foundation here. As the support person for Joe, I have actually NEVER seen this happen when Site Styles was in a partial, but I have seen very similar issues, but again, it had nothing to do with Foundation, so not sure why it was even mentioned. It can happen with any theme, so it is not Foundry OR Foundation specific.

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I believe he mentioned it because he has seen it happen with those stacks as well, as he stated. No one is coming after Foundation, @zeebe . @webdeersign was just trying to reassure @mitchellm that he had seen the problem elsewhere as well, and gave an example – that example was Foundation, and I can see why he’d use that as an example since the two products are similar in nature.

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Not going to argue with you, but the same thing could have been said with

I have seen it happening in other themes as well

Like I mentioned it is not Theme specific and other themes did not have to be mentioned to get his point across, IMHO.

I believe it was a good comparison. Again, relax, nobody was slighting Foundation. He was simply reassuring @mitchellm.

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@mitchellm Thanks for sending the bug report to Isaiah. The more details, project files, etc that you can give him, along with any reproducible steps, really helps him narrow in on things like this.