Foundry with other theme(s)

Hi, Thanks for developing foundry! I like it a lot. One question I have when using it is that can we applied other RW themes that we have purchased in the past? It would be very nice to have a template theme that we like to begin with (instead of starting from an empty page) and use the stacks in foundry. I noticed that foundry might overwrite some of the settings from other themes (e.g. I am using the Abstract theme from Elixir). Any suggestions (or documentation / demo) about the best practice? Thank you.

Hey there @mwey!

Foundry is based around building your site in a free-form environment. This means using the blank Foundry theme for your site and populating it with the Foundry stacks. While the Foundry theme is blank it does have some essential elements within it for Foundry’s functionality that are not included in other themes. This means to use the Foundry stacks fully and for everything to function correctly the Foundry stacks need to be used in conjunction with the Foundry theme.

If you need something like Foundry for other, normal themes, you can use something like Structure. It has responsive columns, visibility, margins stacks and more.

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