Foundry's Potion Pack

I was prompted to investigate the Potion Pack but do not see any way to add it as a pack. It appears some of the Potion Pack stacks are in my already accessed Foundry stacks but what about this pack? Not available anymore? Is there an access to Foundry stacks I have not yet located?

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The Foundry 3 FAQ at the top of the support page references this issue. I am almost certain that the Potion Pack is no longer available for purchase as it and the Thunder Pack features are included in Foundry 3.

The Potion and Thunder packs are for Foundry 2. They will not work with Foundry 3.

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Hi @owlyhawk – Not sure what the “prompt” was that had you investigating Potion Pack, but as @jacksona and @Hoppy point out, Potion Pack was for Foundry 2. Many of those tools have a counterpart already included in Foundry 3.

My thanks to each of you for confirming what I had suspected. FAQ did not address my specific question and being very new to RW and Foundry, my experience is obviously quite limited. My ‘prompt’ was from an older RW tutorial. In fact, Elixir has not taken down the announcement message for Potion Pack. I appreciate your quick responses to my query.

What was the question? Just if it was available any longer? If so I would have thought this section would have covered it. If not, I’m sorry it wasn’t clearer.

What version of Foundry were they making use of in the tutorial?

What announcement are you referring to specifically?

My initial questions were answered completely. I do not remember whether the Foundry version was referenced in the tutorial. The announcement I refer to is one posted by you on 29Aug2017 which I accessed via web search for Potion Pack stack.