Free Foundry v1.1 update is here, and it is a big one

Sort of a repost of the blog entry I just posted, but I wanted to make sure it was here on the forum for all to see as well. So if you’ve already read that blog post I apologize.

I’m really excited about this first big update for Foundry. Really excited. We’ve had some minor updates already introducing little tweaks and making minor bug fixes. While this update brings a lot of similar, smaller updates to Foundry including added features and bug fixes for the existing stacks, it also introduces 10 new stacks to the Foundry tool chest.

When I launched Foundry back in July of this year it already included a pretty wide array of tools for constructing a site from the ground up. It contained a lot of the fundamental tools you’d need to build your site, along with some fun additions like the Side Slide, Icon Bar, Social Badges stacks, and more.

I’ve always intended for Foundry to grow over time. Not just adding features to existing stacks, but also incorporating new stacks into the base Foundry suite of tools. This update does just that. We’ve added 10 new stacks to Foundry as well as made small improvements to many of the already existing stacks.

Let’s have a really quick look at just a few of the new stacks:

Add buttery smooth animations to your page elements. Choose from over 30 different animation styles to create eye-catching effects. [Documentation Page]

Create detailed tables to house your data. The Table stack presents your information in a beautifully structured format that is easily sortable by visitors. [Documentation Page]

Add a button to your page that will automatically scroll the browser to a pre-defined waypoint on your page, designated by a child-stack you place. [Documentation Page]

Create sections of content that gain a navigation bar below them, allowing your visitor to move through your content a section at a time. [Documentation Page]

Center your content vertically within this stack, using fixed heights, which can bet set to different heights at each breakpoint. [Documentation Page]

Add styled code snippets to your pages, allowing you to share code with others, create tutorials, provide coding examples and much more. [Documentation Page]

We’ve also added A/B Test, Hold, Read Length and Table (CSV) stacks to the long list of Foundry tools. You can see the full Release Notes here where we list out each new stack, along with a list of additions and bug fixes to the current lineup of stacks.

In addition to the Release Notes we’ve also added pages to the Documentation section for each of the new stacks, as well as a host of new tutorial videos in the Videos section.

##Get the update
This is a free update for all users and is available via the Stacks updater. We hope you enjoy these new stacks and the updates to the existing stacks.

##Give Foundry a like
As always, if you’re enjoying using Foundry to build your sites we’d love to know about it. It helps us out greatly on the community site to get a “like” on a product and we always love hearing your comments. So if you have a spare moment or two, a like and / or comment on the Foundry page would be greatly appreciated.


Ah @elixirgraphics, I cannot tell you how excited I am about this update! Can’t wait to get to grips with the new stacks, thank you!


I hope the new stacks, and the improvements to existing stacks help everyone out. More things on the todo list, as always.


Have just read through the release notes so far…the changes and additions look awesome. Am really looking forward to trying out the new features.


Thank you very much!

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@GaryW17 and @Fuellemann: Thanks gentlemen. Looking forward to seeing how you put these new tools to work!


super cool!!
love to use such cuties like the scroll to, reveal and vertical center stack in one of the next projects!

A tremendous update bursting with powerful additions to an already formidable site building framework.
Amazing work!


Amazing update! Thank you so very much!


Truely amazing - having a lot of fun playing with all the new stuff - and some of it is going into my latest site asap.



Thanks everyone! Glad you’re all digging the update. I’m working on extending my roadmap for Foundry, as I also code away on a new theme for RapidWeaver, so the goodness for Foundry is not going to stop. :slight_smile:


Stacks are updated via Stacks PlugIn - ok.
Theme is still at 1.0 - also ok?

Found it on the Release Notes Page

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I cannot say enough good things about Vertical Center in the Columns stack. It makes me go to my happy place :heart_eyes:


Thanks. @Steve_J was the top proponent for that feature along with the accompanying equal height columns.

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Hi. How do you do/get the update?

Hi there @adamk!

Updates come through the Stacks in-built updater. I have a video on the Foundry video tutorials page that talks about using the Stacks in-built updater to install Foundry updates:

Go there and watch the video titled “Updating Foundry.”

do we also need to update the theme? The release notes say current theme: version
and the download foundry current theme button says: 1.0.1
Also, how do we check what our current version of the theme is?

Hi @adamk!

The theme did not get updated, only the stacks. You can check your current theme version using RapidWeaver’s Add-Ons manager. You can see the the version number here:

The current version for the theme is v1.0.1, which you can get at any time from the Release Notes page.