FTP Upload error

I have a page where I use the Grid Iron 3 stack to import a google sheet. I can’t upload the page. RW gives this error “: Upload failed (at start/before it took off). URL: ftp://ftp.vrijkermis.be

When I remove the stack, there is no problem.

Hi @bartvosters – Grid Iron 3 is not an Elixir stack. You’ll want to contact the developer of that stack if you’re having problems with it. You could also contact Realmac Software as well, in addition to the Grid Iron 3 developer, so that they can know of the FTP problem you’re facing.

Since this is not an Elixir stack and not related to Foundry (since it is posted in the Foundry category), I am going to go ahead and close this thread. Be sure to shoot an email to the Grid Iron 3 developer though.