Full entry / Lightbox images - bug?

when I activate “Lightbox image”, the images are always displayed over the full width, even if their width is much smaller than the Container of the blog.
Deactivating “Lightbox images” shows the images in the post correctly in their real width.
Could this be a bug?

Here is a link to my actual test-website, with disabled “Lightbox images”, so everything works as it should:

But if you want to trace the error and activate the “Lightbox images”, here is a download link for my project file:

Thank you for your help,
Best regards

First thing I notice is that your image isn’t loading in the lightbox anyway. This is likely because you’re also trying to use Transition on the page as well. Unless you have a very simple page I recommend not using Transition. Transition changes the way many things on a page have to work.

As for the image being the full-width of the post – That is how it is designed to work.