Full Entry View Prev/Next & Back Buttons

I am trying to adjust the Prev/Next controls on mobile view. As you can see they are touching (no spring between them). Also, the “Go Back” button doesn’t allow for “Custom” styling so I’m left with his weird outline.

Is there any way to go about fixing these issues? I added a screenshot of my mobile view

There’s not a control for spacing the Previous and Next items vertically within the Blog Entries stack. You could write a bit of your own custom CSS to handle that if you want though. I’ll note it as a features for a future Alloy update though.


that would be perfect :slight_smile:

I have also wished a little bit more styling options here…

It’ll likely be a while before I get to this unfortunately, as I’m currently working through a lot of Foundry improvements.

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no worries. it’s not really a problem… but rather something for the eyes :wink:

I am already looking forward to the Foundry improvements.

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