Gallery stack --> Drag&drop images directly over "child-stack"

In a future release it would be more useful if there was the ability to drag images directly over the “child-stack” of Gallery stack.
See example: Dropbox - File Deleted

Do you think it will be possible to do this?

Hi there @iografico!

The Gallery stack has you insert the images in the settings palette for the child stacks instead of dragging them into the main edit area, as you’re describing, because that allows me to use some internal Stacks features for image processing. This allows me to auto generate the thumbnails without you needing to provide separate images for thumbnails, as well as a few other little things. These things are not available to me if the image is just dragged and dropped into the editing area, so the way the Gallery stack works now is how it will continue to work.

Hi Adam, ok thanks anyway!