Gallery stack that works with Alloy?

I’ve noted that by default Alloy stores all uploaded images (via droplet, embed or post) into a folder called /image-uploads/. From what I can see on top of the full size images Alloy also makes a smaller version, which is called

I know of a few gallery stacks that can work with remote folders, Like ProGallery and Gallery3) but none can exclude an image based on either name (ie. starting with “thumb” or based on size. At least I don’t think either of these can do that?

So does anyone of a stack, or do you @elixirgraphics make something, that is capable of this?

What I’m looking to achieve is to have a gallery page/section created from all the images that are uploaded via Alloy, but exclude the thumbs.


I’m not sure of the end goal since Alloy doesn’t allow you to build a gallery of images. That said I don’t personally offer something like that.

Morning, ya, I knew/know Alloy doesn’t have a gallery, I’m looking for a gallery solution that displays the contents of /image-uploads/ but with rules to remove certain images, like those beginning “thumbs”.

I guess really I should have asked this on the RW forum, as it’s not really Alloy related, apart from reading a folder that Alloy creates.

My bad, sorry about that, feel free to remove :slight_smile:

My question was really – how are you going about adding the images to the gallery since that isn’t a function of Alloy. Sorry if I was confusing.

Not a bother. My understanding is that Alloy adds all images that are uploaded to the folder /image-uploads/, so it’s just a case of having a gallery system that can display the contents on a folder on the server. That’s the easy bit. The hard bit is to have the gallery ignore some images, like those that Alloy creates and prefixes with “thumbs” etc.

My idea is not to have the user able to use Alloy to add specific images to a gallery, but for a gallery to display all images uploaded by Alloy, so posts, droplets, etc.

Any gallery system would also need to have the ability to limit the images displayed to the last XX number of images uploaded. Otherwise, the gallery would get very big very quickly.

This is all assuming what I think I’ve worked out about how Alloy handles images is correct.

This isn’t a particular requirement at the moment, I don’t have a client looking for this, it’s just an option I’m playing with for a new blogging project I’m working on.

Don’t forget this folder can end up with unused images, too. If a user uploads an image for say a blog post, but then changes their mind and uploads a different image, the original still exists. Alloy purposefully does not delete or overwrite images. In fact it goes even more out of its way in the next version to protect against this even if the user uploads two files with the same name.

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Good point. Maybe this is one of my more daft ideas and best ignored!