GDPR contact form compliance

Hi Adam
Just wondering if you have any plan to add a check box for GDPR compliance to the Form Pro stack?
Sort of agree to our privacy policy etc…
Or is there something I can work with already??
Thank you

Are you talking about the Form stack or Form Pro? With Form Pro you can add in a checkbox and make it required to achieve this purpose.

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Hi Adam
Yes I have the Potion pack…so will be Form Pro…will look into it…just a bit clueless and trying to get to grips with everything with https and privacy policies etc!!!. (shouldn’t have offered to help friends!!)
Thank you…sorry to waste your time!

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Like this:

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It is not a waste. Promise. I’m doing a lot of updating of themes currently to help users with GDPR compliance, so I feel your pain.


Thank you Adam and Jan…
Jan, that looks great…thank you…
This stuff is doing my head in I am not a web designer who makes money from this, just someone who has fun and learning new skills!! It seems like an extreme can of worms!! I haven’t even sorted conversion to https yet!! 66 year old pensioner here!! Wish there was an ‘idiots’ guide somewhere - you know step-by-step!!!
But thank you for your help!!