Get 50% Off All Our Foundry Products


Now, through September 23, we’re running a big 50% off sale on all of our Foundry products. If you’ve been holding out on buying some of these amazing site building tools for Foundry 2 or 3, now is the time to jump on an incredible deal! Do remember that this code, ends at midnight on September 23!

So don’t waste time, because once it is over, it is over.

** Get 50% off using this discount code “50off”!

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@egomade does this 50% discount apply to your bundle as well?

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Hello David, yes it does also apply to the premium bundle. :sweat_smile:


What a deal! If you all haven’t checked out @egomade’s latest Starter Kit, Natura, you definitely should!


@elixirgraphics I agree. This bundle deal is great and the best addon value in all of the RapidWeaver universe.

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The discount code did not work when I wanted to buy Foundry…

Then I did put my reading glasses on… Thought this was a Elixer discount offering…

How did I get that impression?

Get 50% Off All Our Foundry Products

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The discount code is not for Foundry. It is for egoMade’s Foundry products, that is why he provided a Buy Now link to his site in the original post.

I see now but it’s to be honest a little (in-stinker) as we say in Dutch.

Nevertheless I am going to start using Foundry. Hope my choice will be a right one.

Thanks for replying!

Have a great day… Greets from Holland

Foundry right now is only $99, down from $120, so now is a good time to get started. :+1:

Also, you might look at this thread…

Darn! Missed your message. After I send you my reply I immediately purchased it.

Maybe a coupon?

I don’t think I understand. The discount code I offered up is the coupon. You can use it on any purchase on my site.

See I am either dumb or tired…

Bedankt! (Thanks in Dutch) :slight_smile: