Ghost button in Nav Bar

Hi all, does anyone know how to create a ghost button in the new F3 nav bar. I just want one menu item to be a ghostbutton - do I do this with the stylesheet in blacksmith?

@James249 By “ghost button” do you mean outline mode? I think you can select that option … at least you can with the regular button stack.


there doesn’t seem to be that option for an Item in the Nav stack

Yes, a Blacksmith stylesheet would be the way to go in the Navigation Bar. Its items vary from the button a little as they’re different beasts under the hood.


great, thanks Adam. I’ll do it that way :+1:

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@elixirgraphics , is there a simple way to remove the down chevrons on parent items of Navbar, or to change to different icon. If not, could this be a feature request?

You could try this:

.drop-down-indicator {display: none;}

Got this one from @TemplateRepo :+1:


sweet! that works perfectly. Thanks @stackJunkie