Glider stack question

Adam: I’m playing around with several features of Foundry right now. One is the Glide stack. I essentially lifted your glide stack example from the one page portfolio demo and put it onto an experimental page:

I experience weird results and I’m not sure why. Specifically if I press the Client one button once I go to the right spot. Click it again and part of the relevant area moves up to far under the fixed menu nav. I know I’m missing something simple but I’m not able to see how to correct this. (The weird issue can also be achieved with some other behaviors as well.)

I do get the same experience if I use your one-page portfolio site but it’s much less: about a 20px shift.

On a practical level most folks won’t click on a button twice. But what can easily happen is someone scrolls too far (beyond start of a glide content section) and then they press the relevant button on the left. This will also result in a scroll up that goes too far (under fixed menu nav).

Any suggestions?

I just built a quick test to try and replicate this, and haven’t been able to do so myself. Here’s a look at the video I created using Glide to attempt to recreate this problem:

If you could send along your project file I will give it a test.


Here’s the download link:
my project download

It’s clear in your video that there’s no problem. Also I did not realize I tweaked your one-page portfolio project to add a Glider stack. So no wonder you did not see the problem. I’ll create a short video showing you what I see.

No need, I looked at your link. Just hang on while I look at your project file.

I suspect that it could likely be a bug in v1.2.4.0, but that it cleared up when I fixed a bug elsewhere in Foundry, which will be in the next update.

Ha, already made video. Will upload it in case useful. Otherwise will just delete from Vimeo later today. But if it is a bug then I can certainly wait. It would be useful to know that for sure so a month or two later I’m not experiencing the same problem when the update comes out.

But if it is a bug then I can certainly wait. It would be useful to know that for sure so a month or two later I’m not experiencing the same problem when the update comes out.

Not sure what you mean. When the update comes out, if you’re still having this problem then it is unrelated and is a different bug. That being said, I tried it with your project file, using the next version of Foundry, and all seems to be working fine. I suspect that I inadvertently fixed this bug already when working on some other bugs.

Got it. If it works on your end then that’s good enough for me. Something somewhere fixed it. Great to hear. Many thanks for your continued excellent development of Foundry. It’s a joy to use.

Not a problem. Next update should bring some wanted functionality, and will lead to a large release for Foundry as well.


Adam: Thanks for the new update! Nice additions.

I’m still having a problem with the Glide stack: although this time it is likely me not understanding how to set part of it up.

Here’s an example page:’

I set up a Glide stack with 4 sections. The page has sticky navigation of 60 px high. You need to scroll down a bit to see the Glide material. What I ideally want is when I click on a section in the Glide nav items that one always sees ALL the nav items: making it easy to select any of them. This happens most of the time, but not for the last item in the list. In my example if I click on the nav item 4 then all the nav items themselves scroll upwards. I still see the relevant content for the 4th section but no longer see all the Glide nav items.

Any suggestions?

I’m using it on this site. If you are still having issues, zip the file and send it to Adam so he can take a look at your project file. It is a little tricky to get it just right sometimes.

@Steve_J Many thanks. Your example works perfectly fine. I have zipped, zapped, and emailed Adam! Hopefully I can get this sorted out.

It is likely because you’re using very small test areas. The Glide stack isn’t geared toward tiny areas of content. Your test isn’t setup as you’d see in real world usage for a stack like Glide. Increase the content in your sections like you’d be using the stack in a normal site. If you only have the small amount of content you’ve shown my in your test project file you’ve sent me then there would not be a need for the Glide stack. I’m going to email you back a copy of your project file with more content added to each section to show what I mean.

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Adam: Thanks. That explains the mystery! And, yes, in real life usage I would indeed be using Glide for longer content areas.

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No problem! Look forward to seeing what you build with Foundry.