Google fonts not updating

I assigned a google font to typeface 1 and when I preview the site the font doesn’t update. I have changed the font several times to see if the update works but the font stays the same. The site isnt live on the server yet but I am looking at it in both preview mode and through the browsers.

Any thoughts?


Here is the pic of the typeface with the font set

Here is the preview

As you can see that isnt a script font.


Please supply us with a copy of your project file so that we can better help out.


Here is the file. Thank You.


You’re using a Standard font trying to load a Google font.

To load a Google Font you must use a Google Font child item:

Doing will fix your problem:

Ah, I added to the standars font group, My mistake. Thank you for the catch.

Thank You Adam.


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